Thursday, April 2, 2020


the most trending and favorite coffee on Instagram and all social media sites as well.. We have been seeing this coffee trend every where so I couldn’t resist to trying this dalgona coffee

It’s looks and taste was so yummy and creamy!!

I  was wondering after seeing so many post/story/video everywhere that what’s so special about it. But believe me you must try this at home. it’s so amazing & presenting to all the coffee lovers,



1 cup cold/chilled milk 
2 tbsp sugar 
2 tbsp instant coffee powder
4 - 5 ice cubes
2 tbsp water 


In a bowl put sugar, water ,coffee powder and beat it with the help of hand blender till you will get nice smooth foam . Once you ll get fluffy

Put the milk in 2 glasses add few ice cubes and help of spoon,  scoop out the smooth paste and put it on the milk and enjoy your quarantine days with yummy dalgona coffee.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020



This black magic punch drink is a purple punch mixed with berries(optional) black grapes, apple and mint.Whether you call this black magic punch drink or a purple punch, it’s bound to be a hit with its deep fruity flavor and festive look too.and their other benifits are....this magical juice is cleanses your body of acid accumulated and reduces the pressure on your kidneys and keeps them healthy. Black grape work on our body to assist in our weight loss efforts. And also lowers the cells ability to store fat and causes fat cells disintegrate.


1 cup blackberries

1 cup black grapes sliced in half

2 medium black plums sliced into wedges

2 cup straberry

7 to 8 leaves Mint 

2 tsp Lemon Juice

Pinch of Black paper powder

Pinch of Black salt

1 tbsp sugar (if u need more u can add as per ur choice)


Now In a blender or a smoothie maker put add blackberries, black grapes, black plums, raspberry ,mint leaves,lemon juice,blakpaper,black salt.everything together and blend until smooth.
Stir ingredients together and do a quick taste .

Fill cup about half way with ice.
Let chill in the refrigerator at least 2 hours before serving. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

સુરત ની પ્રખ્યાત આલુપુરી: (Aloo Puri)

સુરત ની પ્રખ્યાત આલુપુરી: (Aloo Puri)


૧ વાટકી સફેદ વટાણા
1 ચમચી - તેલ
૨૫૦ ગ્રામ  - મૈંદો
કોકમ નું પાણી
લીલા મરચાં ની ચટણી
ચાટ મસાલો
કાંદા(લાંબા લાંબા છીણવા)
લીલા મરચાં

 રગડો બનાવવા ની રીત:

- સફેદ વટાણા ને ૪-૫ કલાક પલાળી રાખો અને પછી કુકર માં બાફીલો.
- હવે એક પેન માં ૩ ચમચી તેલ નાખી બાફેલા વટાણા ને વઘારી લો. તેમાં સ્વાદ મુજબ મીઠું,હળદર,લીલા મરચાં ની પેસ્ટ અને પાણી નાખી ધીમા ગેસ પર ઉકળવા દો. ઘટ્ટ થાય એટલે ગેસ બંધ કરી લો.
•લીલા મરચાં ની ચટણી બનાવવા ની રીત:

- ૫૦ ગ્રામ ઝીણાં મરચા જાર માં લઈ તેમાં થોડું લીંબુ,મીઠું અને થોડું પાણી નાખી ચટણી તૈયાર કરો.

•કોકમ નુ પાણી બનાવવા ની રીત:

- ૧ વાટકી કોકમ અને ૭-૮ ખજુર બન્ને ને ૧-૨ કલાક પલાળી તેને ઉકાળી લો.મિક્ષ્ચર અથવા બ્લેન્ડર થી મિક્ષ્સ કરી લો.

- મિક્ષ્ચર થઇ ગયા બાદ તેને ચારણી ની મદદથી ગાળી લાે અને સ્વાદ મુજબ મીઠું નાખો.

•આલુપુરી ની પુરી બનાવવા ની રીત:

- એક બાઉલ માં મૈંદાનો લોટ ચાળી લો હવે કેમાં મોણ નાખી રોટલી નાં લોટ જેવો કણક બાંધી ૧-૨ કલાક રહેવા દો.
- હવે મોટી રોટલી વણી લો અને નાની પુરીનાં સાઇઝ ના મોલ્ડ/ કુકી કટર ની મદદથી એક સરખી પુરી બનાવી લો.(પુરી પાનીપુરી ના સાઈઝની)
- પુરી તૈયાર કરી તેને ધીરા ગેસ પર કાચી પાકી તળી લો.

•આલુપુરી તૈયાર કરવા ની રીત:

- એક પ્લેટ માં ૬-૭ પુરી ગોઠવી લો. તેમાં પહેલા બનાવેલ રગડો ૧-૧ ચમચી નાંખો,પછી તેના પર મરચાનુ પાણી,કોકમ નુ પાણી નાખો. અને પછી છેલ્લે કાંદા , ચાટ મસાલો નાંખો અને છેલ્લે સેવ નાખો.
આલુપુરી પર છીણેલુ ચીઝ નાખી પણ સર્વ કરી શકાય
(સાદી સેવ ના જગ્યા પર લાલ ઝીણી સેવ પણ નાખી શકાય)
(આલુપુરી માં લોકો ચીઝ આલુપુરી નાખી પણ ખાતા હોય છે તો ચીઝ આલુપુરી પણ થઇ શકે છે)..



About  Veg. schezwan Hakka noodles Recipe
Hakka noodles is popular Indochinese recipe style noodle served in restaurants and fast food center across the India. To give good flavor of the hakkanoodles the entire sating of noodle has to be done on high flame .
Veg. Hakka noodles, a deliciously finger licking recipe to treat your family and friends.  The Veg. Hakka noodles can be prepared within 5 minutes. The time taken for cooking Veg. Hakka noodles is 10 minutes. With such flavor some ingredients, the dish tastes superb! This recipe is appropriate to serve 4 people. The recipe details out how to make Veg. Hakka noodles step by step. The detailed explanation makes Veg. Hakka noodles so simple and easy that even beginners can try it out. The recipe for Veg. Hakka  noodles can be tweaked in a lot of ways to make it more interesting. 


250/300 gms  -  noodles

1 liter Water for boiling noodle

1 tbsp -  Ginger paste

2 tbsp  -  Garlic paste

1 tbsp  - green chili paste

2 medium  - Onion (cut in slice)

2 medium  - bell paper (red,yellow,green) cut in thin slice

1 cup   - Cabbage

1-2 tbsp  -  spring oinion

2-3 tbsp   - soya sauce

1-2 tbsp  - Vinegar

3 tbsp   -Oil

3 tsp  - red chilli sauce

3 tsp -  green chilli sauce

2 tsp - chopped green chill

2-3 tbsp -  ketchup

2 to 3 tbsp  - schezwan sauce

Pinch of black paper

1 tsp Salt /as per your taste


In nonstick pan add water put all the noodles in pan. Allow to cook , Drain cooked noodles in a colander. Then rinse the noodles in running water very well. drain and rains them in cold water.

Now, Add 1 tsp oil, toss well  and  this method gets of all the stickiness from noodle.

Take another pan ,add oil ginger and garlic paste, green chilli,black paper,salt and stir.

Add onions,capsicum(bell paper),soya sauce,and vinegar saute for 5-6 min then after add cabbage and saute for 2-3 min until they are done. Add all sauces, ketcups, schezwan sauce and stir again.

Toss and stir fry for 5-7 min on high flame.

Veg. hakka noodle are ready to serve. And garnish with spring onions leaves..

So serve hot veg. hakka noodles. in all partys and dinner as starter.

Saturday, March 14, 2020



the health benefits of soaked almonds are almost unlimited. no wonders its part of the  super, healthy food. almonds are awesome for your digestive system, brain, and almost every organ and organ system of our body. 

almonds contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers and so. they may offer a number of health benefits. just a handful of almonds approximately 1 contains every person need proteins. you can eat raw, soaked or roasted almonds. you can use  this almonds in sweet dishes, almonds along with other nuts and seeds may help to improve fat level in blood pressure. this can benefits heart health. you can eat almonds as many time. it doesn't matter if they are  whole or used a substitutes like almonds flour n or almond milk, over consumption of any types of food, even healthy nuts can counteract our health or  weight loss efforts, and when they are used as  substitutes they might even contains more calories. but eat soaked almonds is very very important for our health. they have their own benefits, here is some healthiest benefits of soak almonds

why we should eat soaked almonds every day in the early morning ?
here is the reasons ..


1. Improves digestive health
2. Improve brain function
3. Reduces cholesterol level
4. Heart health
5. Improve blood pressure level
6. Good for diabetic patients

1. Improves digestive health :

2. Improve brain function : 

3. Reduces cholesterol level :

4. Heart health

5. Improve blood pressure level :

6. Good for diabetic patients :

Friday, March 13, 2020




​100gms - Maida

​80 gms - Sugar 

50 to 60 gms - amul butter

3 tbsp - Dark Cocoa powder

2 tbsp - sweet cocoa powder

¼ tsp - Baking powder

Pinch of Baking soda

5 to 6 drops - Vanilla extracts

5 to 6 drops - chocolates extracts

1½ cup - Milk (you can use water instead of milk) 

hershey's Syrup.

​melted chocolate for garnishing


1. Take a one bowl, add  butter , sugar and mix it well till the creamy and soft consistancy.

2. Now Add vanilla and chocolate  extract, mixed  it well. Add the dry ingredients to it and mix it well.
Add milk, stir with the spatula ones and beat it again.

3. Transfer the batter in the greased baking bowl/muffins mould  Bake it at 180° for max. 25  min. After checking with tooth pick. if it's done,
let them cool for 1 to 2 hours. 

4. after that Cut the cake in to small pieces and grind it to make crumbs..

5. In one bowl Add a little butter,(optional) add hershey's syrup in  the cake crumbs and mix with your hands. And come togather like proper daugh.

6. Now grease the modak mould with little butter and then fill this up with the mixture in to the modak mould, press properly from all of the side and from scoop it out little portion with spoon. so that i can fill that with cocolate syrup/sauce.

7. we gonna add little bit of chocolate sauce/syrup  with spoon in it so that when you eat this modak  this comes into the chocolatey taste..

8. fill this up with the cake mixture again and shut this. Now press modak mould slowly.. And unmould the modak.. Make all the modak with this same process..

9. Garnish this modak with chocolate sauce (optional)

10. So chocolawa cake modak is ready to serve..
(When u cut this modak in to two part all chocolate comes out.)



This gorgeous and refreshing Ginger Rose Fizz is made with rose syrup, lemon juice, ginger juice and club soda,(but here i used plain water for this fizzz..of u like strong den u can use soda. ) and it has a beautiful spicy and floral flavor profile. Perfect as a Valentine’s Day rose cocktail or mocktail, or for any celebratory moment in your life!  
This is a really fun, colorful and refreshing drink that’s perfect for serving guests at a party, or for any celebratory moment in your life. And it’s the perfect valentine’s day drink too of course..


3 to 4 glasses of chilled water(if u want u can use soda or 7up)

10 to 15 pudina leaves

2 lemon(1 cut in to small piece and hlaf cut in to round shapes..)

2 tbsp ginger juice

4 to 5 tbsp rose syrup

Ice cubes

2 tsp sugar syrup/honey


1. Cut lemons into small pieces  and mint leaves place in a jug and muddle them together for a second.

2. Now add 5 to 6 tbsp rose syrup,lots of ices cubes/ice crush , ginger and mix it well.

3. Lastly Add the sparkling water or normal chiled water (soda, 7up, or normal chilled water.and stir/mixed it very properly, I prefer to add soda in this drink)

4. Garnish with lime slices, a sprig of mint, ice cubes.

5. Pour into tall glasses and serve chilled. BLUSHING GINGER ROSE FIZZ/MARGARITA is ready to serve...